Meet Sam…

SamSo, how did you get involved with Dress2kill?

I came across Dress2kill whilst I was studying  fashion design and business management, at Birmingham University. As part of the degree, we needed to gain work experience within the industry. I bombarded James (the owner) with phone calls until he eventually agreed to meet me.  I believe his actual words were ‘Oh for goodness sake, let’s get him in and see what he wants’ (this is the PG version!)… When we met, I interviewed him and Shirley as part of my project, which swiftly followed with me asking if they would take me on as an apprentice.  Thankfully, we all hit it off and I was asked to join the business full time after I had completed my degree.

What is your most entertaining story at Dress2kill?

There are so many, most of which came from working with Shirley. She was very good at making work fun! I remember one occasion when we were expecting Mr Kevin Spacey, who was working on a play at the Old Vic Theatre. The shop was incredibly busy and all of a sudden there was this huge crash at the front of the shop – Mr Spacey had ridden down The Cut on his electric Scooter and drove right into the front door. The door crashed open causing everyone in the shop to stop what they were doing and look up in shock. I remember Shirley turning round and shouting at Mr Spacey ‘what on earth was that?!’ (again, this is the PG version!). To this, Mr Spacey says ‘now that’s what I call and entrance … Hi, I’m Kevin!’. It was a great introduction to one of my favorite actors.

Any specific aspirations for the future?

At the moment I am working on one of the largest projects I have ever worked on; however, I really can’t say anything about it without spoiling. All I will say is that by the end of the 2013 we are aiming to introduce something very special!
We are also looking into taking Dress2kill Worldwide. We are fortunate enough to have a number of clients all over the world, so I am keen to explore these countries further, starting with the first country this year. Watch this space!


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