Step up your suit style

ChrisLets start with fit…

Whether you are investing £300 or £3000 in a new suit, the key to looking good is all in the fitting. We would argue that having a well tailored suit is even more important than your choice of fabric or style.  Why? Because even the most luxurious fabrics and up to date styles will be cheapened on a suit that does not adequately fit your body.

A good suit should hug the shoulders and not pull or slouch at the sides. Most men think they are a size bigger than they actually are and make the mistake of choosing a suit that is too baggy. A well fitted suit should make you stand to attention, encourage good posture, making you appear more confident! The measuring process at Dress2kill will ensure that end up with a suit that fits and therefore flatters your body shape perfectly. In fact, we believe that a well tailored suit makes 0thers think that you have been working out!

Set the tone with your lapels…

Nothing defines the character of a suit like lapels. The best lapels for you will depend on where you intend to wear your suit, your body build, personality and preferences.  Our consultants are trained to help you make the right decisions on all aspects of your bespoke suit.

Will it be a One, Two or a Three button suit?                                                                                                                               

The One Button

_MG_1166-01The one button suit is a trendy option for the style conscious man, with a lean frame. This style also works well on those who err on the petite/ shorter side because the minimal button detail creates a more streamline look.

How to wear it  –  When standing up the button should always be fastened. When sitting down however, the button should be undone to avoid an unsightly fabric drape across the front. Take care with your choice of shirt/ tie because the low break of the one button jacket means that a greater proportion of your ensemble will be on display.

When to wear it  – The One Button suit is not suitable for every occasion. Think of this as your suave suit. This is what you choose to wear when you want to look smoking hot, rather than when you have to adherer to a strict dress code.

The Two Button

The trusted two button suit is a very popular choice because it flatters virtually any build, shape and size. The benefit of the two button is that is will never go out of fashion. The two button has an enduring, classical and timeless and yet versatile appeal. A two button, rather than a three button suit, is preferable for those with shorter torsos.

How to wear it – When you want to fasten up the blazer, only do up the top button. Pay attention to button placements – some of the more modern styles position the top button higher to create a compromise between the three button, which can be particularly flattering.

When to wear it – The two button suit is acceptable for work, as well as more formal occasions. In our opinion, the two button is a basic essential for any man’s wardrobe.

The Three Button

The stylish three button suit nods to the 1960’s mod era, and hence, has made a bit of a come back. Although not quite as trend proof as the trusted two button suit, it will hold you in good stead, especially if you choose a classic cut.

How to wear it – The three button suit will look best on those with the height to carry off the extra button detailing. Never fasten the bottom button, it will distort the fabric. The recent trend is to do the top two buttons up, but depending on the lapels, we think that a more stylish, streamline look can be achieved by just doing the middle button up.

When to wear it -Wear this in the office if you want to stand out in the style department.


Once you have established the most flattering cut for your frame, your lapels and how many buttons you want, you can choose your pockets. We suggest a slanted pocket for the suit blazer because these fit into the contours of the body nicely, giving more definition and shape. You may also decide to have a ticket pocket, which can add a bit of character to your suit. Our consultants will walk you through the process of establishing what kind of pockets are most preferable for you.

Lining and clothCloth and Lining

The colours, the textures, the fabric weight, the lining – all instantly set the bespoke suit wearer apart from any other suit wearer in the crowd. We have a wide selection of fabrics to cater for different style preferences, occasions and budgets. Our consultants are experts in quickly narrowing down your options, swiftly achieving the best results to match your needs.


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