A sneaky peak behind the scenes of Dress2kill…

Monika tailoringAs a customer of Dress2kill, you will be most familiar with the front end of the business. However, a lot of work also goes on behind the scenes, to ensure that your suit is completed to perfection!

Here is Monika (left), one of our many talented sewer/ makers, working hard on the finishing touches of a rather special Dress2kill bespoke shirt. If you are ever lucky enough to actually visit the sewing room, you would feel instantly welcomed by the warm and friendly atmosphere here.Lidia

Lidia (right) is also a talented sewer/ maker and she splits her time between the sewing room, fitting rooms and measuring. As you can imagine, she is the queen of multi-tasking! Lydia also has a passion for design and she loves coming up with new ideas for different outfits.

Sunil makingTo the left, you can just about make out Sunil our master tailor, working hard on a garment at his sewing machine. Sunil is one of those people who somehow always manages smile and sing while he is working, even when it’s raining! He is truly passionate about his work.

There is of course more to be said about ‘behind the scenes’ at Dress2kill, but that will have to wait for another day; stay tuned for updates!


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