Inside Dress2kill Flagship Store; some highlights!

Bar EditedOver the last year we have undergone some pretty exciting transformations at Dress2kill. With the help of some excellent brand specialists at Design Bridge, we have launched a new brand image.

IMG_7729We have also redesigned our shop interior and as many of you know, we are the only tailors in London who have linked up with the prestigious Champagne house, Taittinger, who officially sponsor us. This means that whenever you come in for a consultation, you automatically get offered a complementary glass of Taittinger Champagne (or other drink of your choice).Rules with jacket

What is more, our Rules of The Establishment are designed to always make you feel welcome!

It is compulsory for work life to be left to at the door – the mind must be kept free from all unnecessary stresses and strains.

Magazines and books are available for blatantly stealing of sartorial style form persons of fame and good looks

Open and frank discussions of preferences and opinions must be engaged in with your tailor.

The consumption of alcohol is strictly permitted.

Measurements will be taken without embarrassing silences, winces or distress or moments of discomfort.

Snobbishness and self consciousness and the adherence to stuffy tradition is strictly prohibited.

One must only leave the premises when fully satisfied with ones choice.

We hope our rules make you feel comfortable…


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