Style My Dinner Jacket

IMG_7567So, you have been given the opportunity to really dress to impress and now you are wondering what to wear?

If you have been invited to an evening dinner party or dance and the dress code is smart, but not formal – a dinner jacket appropriately styled, is the perfect option! The velvet shawl dinner jacket can appeal to both a young audience and the traditionalist. It works paired stylishly with a casual pair of jeans or smart trousers.

However, to make a great first impression, choosing the right features, fabrics and proportions is essential. One of the key features to get right is the lapels. If you want to achieve a cool, vintage, smoking jacket feel, we recommend a shawl lapel (like the one in the photo, above). However, be careful with the width of your lapels because if they are too narrow, you may be in danger of resembling a French waiter. Other features to be mindful of are pockets. Slanting pockets are usually the most flattering option because they enable the fabric to sit comfortably around your waist, ensuring a streamline body shape without any extra material bulk.

Colour – Whether it is the rise of vintage styles or the association with James Bond, our velvet midnight navy blue dinner jacket has become one of our best sellers. The wonderful thing about midnight velvet, is that in low level lighting it looks incredibly luxurious and rich. For some reason, this isn’t achieved so easily with black velvet, possibly because midnight blue reflects more subtle changes in light.

IMG_7519Ask Your Dress2kill Tailor

If you find all these options confusing, just ask one of our tailors and they will be able to guide you smoothly through the process of achieving a bespoke dinner jacket that is just perfect for you. What is more, they will pour you a delicious complementary glass of Taittinger Champagne while you explore your choices.

Dinner Jacket Details:

Velvet (cotton), Midnight Blue.

Shawl Lapel.  Slanting Pockets. Buttonhole Stitching.

Inside Piping.  Designer Lining. Rear Vent.


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  1. L Beau says:

    Love that jacket, very classy!! For a dinner event such as the scenario you speak of, do you recommend sticking to traditional khaki or black trousers? Or would it be ok to add a little flair with colored pants?

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