Can You Judge A Man By His Shoes?

LOAKE LOGOIt has been said before that shoes reveal whether a man takes pride in his appearance. It’s all very well donning the perfect suit, but you will never look your best if you don’t take care of the little details. Put simply, a beautiful suit is cheapened by scruffy shoes. In fact, there is something very disconcerting about a well dressed man, exhibiting tatty shoes.

There are numerous styles you can wear to enhance your outfit. But luckily as a man, you won’t need a vast collection of different shoes to carry you through the various seasons of your life. If you opt for a few pairs of classic, high quality leather shoes, in the long run they will serve you (and your bank balance) very well.  We recommend Loake Shoes because they are exactly that; classic, high quality, leather shoes. What is more, we sell them in our Waterloo shop on the Cut, which means you can experiment with different styles to go with your suit. Our Style Consultants will help you pick out the perfect pair to harmonize with your overall look.

ShoesOnce you have nailed your perfect collection of shoes, you need to keep them that way – smart! We know life gets busy, but we think that making a habit of giving your shoes a weekly polish can never be a bad thing! They will last for longer and ensure that your overall appearance presents you in the right light. Alternatively, even if it means taking a different route home from work once a week, it may be worthwhile making friends with a local shoe shiner, to help you stay on the straight and narrow – shoe wise, at least anyway.

That being said, it’s not just your shoes that matter. Your choice of shirt, tie, cuff links, watch and even your bag or brief case define the first impression you create in the minds of others….but more about that next time!


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  1. Nigel Millera says:

    Introduced, visited, measured, selected fabric, had a laugh, paid bill, first fitting, collected suit. Great experience. Ordered second suit and thinking about a third. Thanks to Sam and team for a great experience.

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