Dress2kill Rebranding…

Brand logoWe are proud of our top class tailoring services for men and women. Always have been, always will be. So, we are incredibly excited to unveil our new Dress2kill branding, which we believe truly embodies what Dress2kill has always and will always stand for; substance, quality and style.

You see, some people, it has been said, are all style and no substance, but not dress2kill. We’ve always believed that substance informs both style and essence, and never the other way around. Essentially, we are sure of our foundation, which means that we are free to explore, innovate, and even transcend the often stuffy and frankly outdated, usual ways of delivering tailoring.

So, in conjunction with our new branding, we have established a fun new range – Fresh Pants, and we have teamed up with Orchid Cancer, a male specific cancer charity, to help raise health awareness for men. As part of this wider vision, we are also introducing a brand new Image and Lifestyle Consultancy service, including basic health check for men, ensuring that Dress2Kill is not only the best place to buy your bespoke suit, but we are also a one stop Lifestyle shop. So, please raise your Champagne glasses with us (if you don’t have one in your hand, then pop down to the shop!) and join us as we celebrate the re-launch of our newly branded website, theatrical shop interior and refreshing new product range, not to mention our new Lifestyle and Image Consultancy services.


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