Bespoke Gilet

ChilletEssential kit for your weekend wardrobe!

Using the finest traditional Scottish tweeds, our gilets are designed with comfort, style and practicality in mind. We’ve given a smart twist to a country classic by adding a velvet collar and corduroy piping, making this an incredibly versatile accompaniment to any luxury weekend excursion, whether in the heart of countryside or hubbub of the city.

When to Where it…

Our gilets are perfect for activities such as shooting, fishing, horse riding, countryside walking or simply lounging in your favourite pub on the weekend. You may even take to wearing one over your suit on the way to work.

How to Style it…Eleonora

The great thing about gilets is that they go with almost anything. For example, as long as the cloths harmonize, gilets can be worn over a suit jacket, or simply thrown over a sweater or t-shirt for a more casual look. But since the weather is getting warmer, we suggest paring yours with a crisp cotton Dress2Kill shirt, chinos, brown leather Loakes, matching leather belt and flat cap for the perfect smart- casual weekend attire!

So, don’t be afraid to experiment with your gilet because depending on how you layer your undergarments, they can be dressed up or down. And we have a sneaky feeling that one of these versatile garments is in danger of becoming your most trusted wardrobe companion, throughout the British summer and beyond! Pop into our store on The Cut to find out more…


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  1. Lewis says:

    Hi you did a gilet for Elliot wright a while ago with the blue suede on it how much would u charge for the exact same one ?

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